Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound

Streamline Patient Care with Portable, In-office Diagnostic Tools

Increasingly, physicians are bringing in musculoskeletal diagnostics equipment into their practice, and utilizing them has become an important tool in patient care. Bioventus distributes portable ultrasound devices that provide real-time diagnostic capabilities and help physicians perform guided injections of important therapies.

Musculoskeletal diagnostics equipment can be used to:

– Find muscle, bone and joint problems early
– Diagnose bony erosions, inflammation and tears
– Evaluate injuries pre-surgery
– More accurately deliver guided injection therapies
– Monitor therapy effectively

By employing musculoskeletal diagnostic equipment within the practice, patient care can be further streamlined, reducing the need for additional office visits. Plus, our ultrasound devices allow patients to be more “included” through diagnosis and treatment, making the patient an more active participant in their healing process. For more information on musculoskeletal diagnostics, please visit our partners at Esaote North America.