The Power of Orthobiologics in Orthopaedic Care and Spine Surgery

Treatment Alternatives Rooted in Biology

At Bioventus, our Active Healing Therapies products have a different approach to bone health that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. Rather than simply wait for the body to naturally heal itself, we provide active orthopaedic solutions that help the body heal, providing therapies that are easily administered either at the patient’s home or in the doctor’s office.

These orthobiologics work with the body, enhancing the body’s natural healing processes while accelerating recovery without the need for costly, more invasive procedures. For example, our joint therapies provide localized pain relief and increased mobility by injecting hyaluronic acid, a biological construction, directly into the affected joint. Our bone healing technology uses ultrasound to directly stimulate the cells near the fracture, creating a cellular response that speeds the bone healing process.

Learn more about our Active Healing Therapies products:

EXOGEN for fracture healing

DUROLANE, SUPARTZ FX (US only) and GELSYN-3 (US only),  for managing osteoarthritis knee pain.

At Bioventus Surgical, we understand the extraordinary potential of orthobiologics in bone formation. We are solely focused on orthobiologic product performance and are committed to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet the requirements of surgeons and their patients, across a broad range of risk factors, procedures, and hardware selection.

Our comprehensive portfolio incorporates a science based approach to deliver key elements for bone formation in an optimal environment. Learn more about our Allograft, Cell & Marrow, and Synthetic offerings.